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Hello. I'm Braden Deal, and I want to write music for you.I've always loved watching films ever since I was a kid. It seemed that the only thing I loved more was music. I learned to play guitar at age twelve, and learning more instruments came naturally after that. I played in bands and wrote my own songs. I first started exploring the world of writing for picture when I got my first macbook and began experimenting with sound design applications. and here I am now, composing dramatic musical cues for various visual mediums through the use of breakthrough sound design software (you can find a list of my composing gear in my blog). I've composed for films, radio broadcasting, and live theatrical productions and have even directed a few short films of my own.I love creatively collaborating, my rates are friendly towards indie filmmakers, and I welcome any project that may find use of my services, whether they be composing & sound design, film editing, or on set production work.Braden Deal -


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Last Updated: February 24, 2021