Preferred Vendor Incentive

The ARFILM Preferred Vendor Incentive connects the global film industry with Arkansas businesses eager to complement the state’s incentives to qualified productions with a 25% (or deeper) discount on all offered goods and services.

In Arkansas, we believe to truly build and grow a competitive production industry, everyone – private and public – should have the opportunity to put skin the game.

In addition to offering the discount, to participate as a Preferred Vendor, businesses must be an active member of an Film Commission partner (e.g. chamber, community, etc.). For more information on getting your chamber/community to partner with the Film Commission or joining a current partner, contact Christopher Crane, (Arkansas Film Commissioner), 501.682.7676.

Eligible businesses interested in signing up as a Preferred Vendor should click here, then check the box beside I would like to participate as an arfilm Preferred Vendor. The site will then walk you through the process of signing up. Once approved, your business will be highlighted among other Arkansas businesses participating in the private incentive. Please indicate the discount you wish to offer in the Notes section (minimum 15% required).

By signing up and posting as a Preferred Vendor, businesses agree to offer at least a 15% discount on posted retail prices. When posted at, failure to provide the Preferred Vendor discount may result in a business being removed/banned from the site.

The arfilm Preferred Vendor incentive is offered as an independent, private sector incentive to qualified productions. The Arkansas Film Commission is not responsible for vendor relationships and reserves the right to refuse and/or remove any vendor from the site for any reason.

For more information, contact  Chistopher Crane, (Arkansas Film Commissioner) 501.682.7676.