Jeremy Duckworth

Bod High Productions, Director of Cinematography

Northwest Arkansas Region
Availability: Statewide
  • Producers - Producer - Feature & TV
  • Camera - Director of Photography - Feature & TV
  • Director - Feature & TV
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Special Skills

At Bod High Productions, we have learned how to be small, but efficient to get a project done. We are a husband and wife team that has some great freelancers we utilize to make sure we get what we need. The founder, Jeremy Duckworth, is a former race-car driver and fabricator, who worked on a couple of NASCAR teams before realizing his heart was in film and TV. After working as an actor for projects on the CW, HBO, and Universal Studios in North Carolina, he relocated to Northwest Arkansas in 2011 to marry his wife. Jeremy saw a need for video and cinema production in the area and thus, Bod High Productions was born. Pulling from his years of being in front of the camera and watching productions in action, he has built a company and a reputation on hard work and word-of-mouth referrals. He has learned every aspect of production in order to maintain a lean operation while shooting and editing 325 television episodes, feature films, corporate videos, and many other projects. Go to to learn more about his other half, Michelle Hammarstrom. One of our biggest accomplishments to date has been we created from scratch Cook with Brooks. It is an Arkansas focused farm-to-table cooking show that is currently statewide on our PBS channel, AETN. The show's host and co-producer, Chef Brooks, goes out to the farms to tell the story of where our food comes from. Then, he may meet up with a local chef to see how they make locally inspired dishes or he may just cook up some delicious food himself. Our mission is to make this a show fun for viewers, but also educate them on why local food matters. Other shows we have created over the last 4 years include Cooking Today with Chef Brooks, Saturday Morning Meetings for Walmart vendors, 'The Naked Doctor Show' telling the truth behind health and wellness, and Telly award winning 'Untapped' and 'I Do' we created for COX Media. All these shows have given us the knowledge of what it takes, from start to finish, to make a show happen.

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Credits - Director/Producer/Edit Director/DP Significance Project - Producer/DP Voices Without Land - DP I Do - Director/DP/Edit Untapped KS - Director/DP/Edit Untapped AR - Director/DP/Edit How of the Headwater - Producer/DP Cook with Brooks - Producer/DP Naked Doctor Show - Director/DP/Edit Cooking Today - Director/DP/Edit Saturday Morning Meeting - Director/DP/Edit Remorse (Short) - Starring Actor Miseria Et Odium - Starring Actor Wastelanders - PA Neapolitan - Producer/DP/Supporting

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Currently I'm creating a vlog called 'Racer Guy' to mix my passion of racing with video. It followings my journey back into racing with my family after years of trying to forget my love of the track. More to come, but up to 42,000 minutes watched last month.

Last Updated: August 20, 2021