AMORanch-Arkansas is a 245 acre film, horse and hunting ranch with a small soundstage and farmhouse, in the heart of the Ozarks in Kingston, AR

The historical name of this property is Beaver Farm.

Northwest Arkansas Region
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AMORanch - Arkansas is a north-south hollow consisting of 245 acres including 60 acres of developed pasture on 5 benches with 5 large spring-fed ponds (one with a dock), 180 acres of hardwood forest, and a 5 acre homestead. There is a spring-fed year round creek that runs the length of the hollow.

The Soundstage: The newly constructed barn is designed to serve as a small (1600 square foot) sound stage and is built in an 1800's backwoods style.

The Homestead: AMORanch - Arkansas is anchored by a simple and traditional white cedar-sided 2-story farmhouse. The interior of this Ozark farmhouse is paneled with white/light grey painted boards and has dark walnut floors. The house is furnished with American and European antiques and art. The master bedroom has a custom bed finished in gold-leaf and raw silk. The kitchen has period (1950-1970) white wooden cabinets with stainless steel countertops, and modern stainless steel appliances. The house is finished out with multiple chandeliers, including an antique porcelain and brass Spanish Capodimonte with Czech crystals, a vintage Spanish Rococo porcelain floral chandelier, a pair of vintage French basket style drop lights, an antique Italian hand-carved wood and gilded iron tole floral piece, a large French Empire brass chandelier, and a matching pair of vintage Hollywood Regency Capodimonte swags. The house is currently having a large family room and a screened sleeping porch added to either side which will include cedar pole beams and hardwood floor and tongue and groove ceilings from timber logged off the property, while maintaining the vintage/traditional farmhouse feel. The exterior is painted white cedar bat-on-board with a gray metal roof, a brick chimney and a red-painted door.
The homestead outbuildings include:
- A root cellar built into the hillside behind the house, with a sod roof covered with mosses and wildflowers and accessed by stone pavers;
- A smoke house made of logs and hand-hewn lumber;
- A prolific spring that pours from a pipe from the base of a massive oak tree into a creek filled with watercress and frogs;
- A greenhouse that is attached to the cedar well and spring house;
- A 40x40 cedar post and slab fenced vegetable row garden with antique gates;
- A rough-cedar slab sided chicken house with stained glass windows, an antique door, a floral Italian chandelier, an antique corrugated tin roof and an attached wire run with vintage feeders, lay boxes and roosts;
- A rough-cedar slab sided potting shed with stained glass windows, an antique door, an antique corrugated tin roof, and an attached wire poultry run; and
- A 10x30 foot rough-oak slab framed asparagus bed, a small fruit tree orchard and two rows of espaliered grape vines.

Guinea hens, chickens, cats and dogs range the homestead lawns and surrounding forests.

The Work Shops and Garages: The buildings include:
- A red wooden raised floor building that houses an art studio with 2 attached covered equipment bays;
- A 30x50 brown metal workshop with a concrete slab with 2 auto bays;
- A large grassy area where the tractor, implements and livestock trailers are parked and the fencing materials are stored; and
- 2 large fuel tanks with pumps elevated on legs.

The Ranch: AMORanch - Arkansas is a typical Ozark cattle, horse and hunting ranch, with fenced and cross fenced pastures (totaling 60 acres).
- Horse Facilities: There is a new 40x40 white metal barn with an attached 1-acre paddock fenced with welded oil pipe. The barn interior is under construction and will be sided with rough cedar slabs and contain 3 large box stalls, a cedar-paneled tack room and bathroom, a loft with a bedroom overlooking the stalls, a wood-burning stove and feed storage.
- Cattle Facilities: The cattle fencing is barbed wire with pipe panel gates. There are 9 large benches (mesas/levels) that are alternately hay pastures or meadows. There is an 80-foot brown steel pipe round/sorting pen. There is a large brown metal hay shed filled with large round hay bales.
- Hunting Facilities: There are multiple large feed plots and feeders with permanent wooden blinds, and ladder and tree stands. There are 5 attractive spring-fed ponds on the benches that are ringed with trees and teeming with wildlife, one with a wooden dock. There are 160 acres of hardwood forest.

Black Angus cattle, Arabian and Thoroughbred horses, and a donkey graze the pastures, with white-tailed deer, turkey, elk, coyote, bear, and mountain lion ranging the forests and meadows.

There is zero light pollution at AMORanch, and the night sky is spectacular. In the evening at the pond, there are so many fireflies that it is impossible to tell whether it is the fireflies or shooting stars flying overhead... truth.

All four seasons are expressed at AMORanch - Arkansas, with winter snow and ice, frozen waterfalls, and icy fairy forests; spring brings the forests bursting with dogwood, catalpa and redbud and every sort of old fashioned bulb and flower in the domestic homestead gardens; summer brings the fireflies and the magnolia blossoms and the pond teeming with dragonflies and frogs; and the fall colors defy explanation. The lighting at the ranch is magnificent.

History: AMORanch - Arkansas, is located in a hollow just below the old county road (CR Madison 3625) that connects historical Kingston to the Boxley Valley, where there were two Civil War battles. Local old-timers tell that multiple skirmishes occurred along the road that runs across the southern rim of the hollow, where the Confederate guerrillas ambushed the wagon trains that traversed between Kingston and the saltpeter mines in Boxley Valley after the Union seized the mines (that had provided the South with gunpowder) from the locals. The Trail of Tears also runs along the Kings River that flows through Kingston.

The local old-timers tell many stories of their time in this hollow, that was originally deeded from the US Government (under Teddy Roosevelt) in 1907 to William H. Bowen, as part of the Homestead Act of 1862 signed by Abraham Lincoln. The land has passed through the hands of many of the original settlers in this area, and the names on the property chain of title are a roll call of the old time families who still populate the area. The property, known locally as the Gunn Place, is considered the prize of Bearney Mountain, because of it's prolific springs, and in particular the spring that flows from the base of an ancient white oak tree and shows evidence of being used by homesteaders in this hollow through multiple generations. Overall-clad old-timers have sat on the lawn telling of their early days making moonshine from that spring and of gathering the now near-extinct Chinquapin nuts from the trees that line its creek (the trees still stand).

Multiple arrowheads have been found on the property and there is a network of bluffs that encircle the hollow with overhangs and caves. A local chief of the Metis tribe visited the property and said that Native Americans certainly had a settlement near the primary spring.



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Access: The nearest airport to AMORanch - Arkansas is XNA, one hour away. From XNA or any direction, the ranch is accessible via state highways to within 4 miles, and then by well-maintained dirt/gravel roads. Once on-site, there is a large pasture/parking area immediately accessible for parking and filming. The gravel driveway descends through the forest and multiple benches to the bottom of the hollow where the homestead is located. There is an expansive network of forest/logging roads throughout the entire 245 acre property.

Accommodations: Onsite accommodations for crews and talent will include cabins and a guesthouse (under construction) and a large, flat, accessible pasture at the property entrance for RV and trailer parking. The immediate area within 15 minutes from the property offers a wealth of short-term rental cabins, RV parks and lodges.


Last Scouted: August 8, 2023

Last Updated: November 20, 2023


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