Ramsey McClellen House

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William K. Ramsey, a lawyer/politician and steamboat captain built the house on N. ClevelandAvenue in 1904. Noted Little Rock architect Charles L. Thompson designed it. In the receiving hall,there is a handsome staircase to the upper floor. There are two custom-built mantels in the home and one is decorated with ornamental tile imported by the builders from France. One of the intriguing and romantic features of the house - the Widow's Walk - legend has it that Captain Ramsey stood and looked off to the Southeast so he could spot steamboats chugging up the Ouachita River from New Orleans.It was later the home of another lawyer/politician, John L. McClellan, famed as a U. S. Senator and as a partner in the establishment of the Kerr-McClellan navigation system on the Arkansas River. The home is supported by four massive Greek columns and circular wrap-around porches and verandas.



  • 1800s / Civil War

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